Monday, June 29, 2009

Grandma Word for the T-shirt

Hello there! =)

Today I'm laughing man.. u know i have heard n "made" some story from the some sort of TV show on discovery channel, n it is "Dirty Jobs".. today episode tell the story which is Mike Rowe of course as the host go the uptown alongside the country to find the goose factory which is made goose fur pillow.. So straight to the point, mike had meet the owner of the company which is 40years old of age, n under her, is her own grandchild which was work for her for over 2o years.. the scene that I'm feel very "funny" in other explanation word, when young man talk to the old women, n guess what happened n who's win?! ha ha. The grandma name is Trudy.. So mike approach trudy,and start the talk.

"Have u ever cut your hand with this knife trudy?" mike said..

trudy, " dont talk things like that when you're doin' !!"

mike: " well okay good advice, i think ur word should be put on the T-shirt trudy.."

trudy: "you know what this Canadian goose wings can made an owl n bet put own our home yard.."

"for what trudy?!" .. "well,it can chase other bird becoz.. i dont like the shit came off my car!"

mike: "another T shirt word.."
trudy:" stay focus mike!!" mike: "t-shirt.."

"its hard mike" .. "you know what trudy, im hard too.. even harder.." "thats why i know ur kind mike.." mike:"another t-shirt word.."

mike continued to said t-shirt for every single meand word that came out of trudy mouth.. till the last he said..

"trudy, apart from made this pillow.. why dont u try to make t-shirt with ur own word?!"

ha ha ha.

u knoe what, i just love dis guys just jobs too!

mike rowe

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