Friday, July 3, 2009

The World Is just Awesome.. =)

Hello fellas!

it is now 30 min to 4 am.. n i am not sleepin' yet.. just want to publish another post..
for the god sake, life must goes on.. every single time must passes by.. every single moment become a memory, wether it sweet, or vice versa.. many thing have change, many people have left the world, ages will crap ur life.. dis things will go on over n over till the end..

today maybe the last day i've met my fellow frenzz.. n come to the old world full of scrap and projects.. dis is life man.. watever we do, there must be the end.. huhuhu.

the things that very memorable happen is this "summer" holiday.. ;

1) met with some of creepy faces of my frenzz at "shisha ar-ustak"
.... dis moment would be a wonderful things dat happen!
every nite!

2) played' futsal in every single nite! .. wow this is best man..

3) went for bbq twice at LT! .. this is sweetest memory! the best things ever..

4) climbed the mountain 2 gether!

5) Ate "set Chim Chum" big event!! ever....!!

6) watched "boeing airbus" landing! and screaming like craziest people on earth!!

7) went to Ar-Ustak Shisha for the last time this Holiday... best ever hang out place ever!

those of things that happen.. will miss it!

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