Friday, June 26, 2009

Tribute To Our King Of Pop Legend..

Thursday, 25 June 2009 by the time 2.25 PM (LA,US) a.k.a Friday, 26 June 09 by the time 5.26 AM (KB, MY) ;
It was the time showing that our pop legend is dead .. all the die hard fans all over da world must accept that our legend is gone 4 ever. I'm sure that all fans including me, already knows MJ a.k.a King of Pop dies with still an unknown causes..

"You Mean it?! Well, I'm truly mean it! The Legend is dead men.. I'm truly muly mean it.." the word thats ive heard from my frenz after went to solat Jumaat. Well, today I'm very shocked with with the death of our King of Pop.. i love him very much, although i cant accept it, for the time being, we must.. So sad..

Hope we all can give tribute to Mikael..


  1. untuk mejnadi music follower yg sejati perlu meminati dia juga ye?

  2. msti la... legend tuh.. xde die xde la music pop dunia ni.. xde la dancin2 moonlight de.. huhuhu.