Tuesday, November 3, 2009

love all~

i love pop;
because of pulp..pulp said.. "love life"
jarvis is the one of macho voice ever..

but thom yorke said.. "but now pop is dead"
thom is the technically detailing voice ever.. voice in the record cd's = voice in the concert..

but i still lurve techno and experimental music
but pet shop boys said.. "did you see it coming?"

various kind of music too.. alternative of course;
but that at high school era.. greenday, n watsoever.. but noe slow in alt musika.. becoz of many "kids a" likes it.

at last i love my dad's song.. "broery marantika n ebiet"becoz my dad said.. "layan sudaaa.. lgu kamu time tua nnt.."

and i said to my dad.. "sloww nyer lagu...."

but my dad said.. "aku bukan dgr, tp aku hayati lyric dan melody tu.."

the true musika lie on the inside of the song..

and then he told .. "dgr lagu bukan sekadar tok bermegah2 n tnjuk minat kita.. but menghayatinyer lebey penting dr segalanya.."

and then "i wonder..."

what a suc a words that is..

but still love beatle's
because of these statement.. when they were child..
john said to paul; "when i grow up i wanna be in this band performing at strawberry fields.."
john asked paul.. "what can u play?"
paul told john.. "i can play guitar with left hand on the strings.."
and now john and paul created the band call the beatles..
the world are addicted to them.. my god..

so i said.. "what a memory we've had.. "
for those who doesn't feel the music, they'd regret it..

knapa aku rasa bersamangat sahaja ini hari?

Uishh kol 1145 am.. xbuat pape pun lg nih.. sok da peper.. adeeeh.. papaer Entrepneur****!! punyer la susah nak eja.. adeeehh.. apekehei.. aku pun xtau nape aku xstudi2 ag ni.. mybe igt kt die tu kot! ahaks!

eh but btol la.. kalo paper xpenting ni buat aku byk men2! hahaha. aku pun xtau cane.. da la lgu bosan gle.. lgu Opera cine kdai puyuk pasang kt bawah tuh! adeeehh,, nk stdy pun xde mood.. haha.

duk men tenet lg.. walopun tips dpt, tp semangat xdtg ney.. nk suh die dtg tp xlee.. so tggu je la.. tp smpi ble kan? ahaks!

UISH! da2 payeh! satan byk neey! studi2! now innovation topic! chawww~

lame sudaaa tidak bertypist..


im kamin back to this not-so-bored-blog! haha.

wut?? just now its november? since august i left this blog because of the stuipid-bziest things must be done! as usual, project, project , project lg.. n made me call it "project membuang mase".. lol..

haaaiihhh.. buat mcm t*** gak.. mase byk gtu je buang.. adeeh.. tp xpe! now im havin final paper! wowow. . . after this im going to practical! haha.

hope everythin will be okey then! now im happy.. heeee~