Monday, June 22, 2009

Tribute to lilyalina allentomen! =D

Evenin' in pajamas..!

well this my post tribute to sum1 which is my very2 best n crazy in town frenzz!

ms. L.A.A.O a.k.a (lilyalina allentomen)! yaaaah! wohooooo..

well sa bit' bout her, she some kind of weird person but most of all she very2 best! she gave me an encourage bout building up dis blog.. tq. (credit to you) haha.


  1. halahaihai yaiyaiyaiii!
    cumilnye pic saye!
    pandai awk pileh..
    well maseh2..
    lilly allen says she is honored to be one of ur post of ur blog.
    well done mr.payeh well done!

  2. hahaha. Graciaaas!
    keep it comment n promote my blog kayh!

  3. waaa.. u think im your promoter ha? go promote your blog yourself aaa. haiya.
    my blog oso nobody knows except u and su ma.

  4. really ke? nnt la.. de kne take time skit.. hehe.