Thursday, June 25, 2009

When You Feel loose, Ur Team Will Loose.. Whats the Point?

Holla Amigos!

Just almost 24 hours ago, we have seen Spain (which is my fav team) are beaten by Arch US Army , USA.. what the hell is goin' on?! So sick and tired watching that game! where's the wrong?! tactical or moral? it's been shocked that the world number one who is almost break the unbeaten record has been ended so easily by USA.. Spain 0-2 USA! but the magic is, 2 shots and to goals for USA! Spain? u can imagine, out of 10.. but there's no goal.. sob3.

wooaahh, I could not imagine la what am i feelin last nite.. feelin so down! torres and villa?? where are u? no finishing at all beb.. defend, what are u doin? casillas stop ball but still go into the net.. wut daaaa... aaaiissh! the conclusion is, there is no accurate finishing at all.. just look the possesion that conquered by the spaniards.. still have no goals.. n lastly, there's no luck maybe.. definitely maybe! haha.

USA win NOT becoz hey had more chances, more shots on goal or more possession than the Spaniards, but because they had a real sense of purpose and urgency, they had a real plan of attack, they stuck to it and it paid off... aaarrrgghh! it is the reason the won?! but totally they deserved the final ticket.. what ever it is, it is just a game.. the world number 1 i think is lack of an overconfident feelin'.. thats is why all that happen.. just watch Brazil N' South Africa 2nite! till den, adioss~

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