Monday, June 29, 2009

Grandma Word for the T-shirt

Hello there! =)

Today I'm laughing man.. u know i have heard n "made" some story from the some sort of TV show on discovery channel, n it is "Dirty Jobs".. today episode tell the story which is Mike Rowe of course as the host go the uptown alongside the country to find the goose factory which is made goose fur pillow.. So straight to the point, mike had meet the owner of the company which is 40years old of age, n under her, is her own grandchild which was work for her for over 2o years.. the scene that I'm feel very "funny" in other explanation word, when young man talk to the old women, n guess what happened n who's win?! ha ha. The grandma name is Trudy.. So mike approach trudy,and start the talk.

"Have u ever cut your hand with this knife trudy?" mike said..

trudy, " dont talk things like that when you're doin' !!"

mike: " well okay good advice, i think ur word should be put on the T-shirt trudy.."

trudy: "you know what this Canadian goose wings can made an owl n bet put own our home yard.."

"for what trudy?!" .. "well,it can chase other bird becoz.. i dont like the shit came off my car!"

mike: "another T shirt word.."
trudy:" stay focus mike!!" mike: "t-shirt.."

"its hard mike" .. "you know what trudy, im hard too.. even harder.." "thats why i know ur kind mike.." mike:"another t-shirt word.."

mike continued to said t-shirt for every single meand word that came out of trudy mouth.. till the last he said..

"trudy, apart from made this pillow.. why dont u try to make t-shirt with ur own word?!"

ha ha ha.

u knoe what, i just love dis guys just jobs too!

mike rowe

Saturday, June 27, 2009

You Know I Just Lurve Dis' Man Job..

Bear Grylls..

His name like his character and eagerness which is totally extreme for the tough challenge.. Bear Grylls one of the extreme British adventurer, writer, journalist and TV presenter that loves the nature.. I start to know him when he appeared for the Discovery Series "Man vs. Wild" which extremely attract me to watch! 1st time watch i said, whoooaaa! dis man is very2 mad person! " he ate camel shit?! bugs?! watever he found at least he can get energy?! " this totally weird.. but series after series, im totally impressed with dis guy..


Aku xpaham la..still xpaham.. n masih xmemahami.. kenape kah sume ni msti kne Pk?! Kalo da kenyataan tu terime je la kan? belajar la beri penghargaan n fahami la ape yg org suke.. patu ilek2 sudey.. music, football watever it is pun masing2 ade naluri de, xpelu la kot smpi nk bukti2 n nk jd mcm "CSI" ? every one xslh kalo nk jd die hard fan kan? even madonna menangis xhenti2 ble mj dead. Xmenarek ah dunia ni kalo xde die hard fan, maka kosong la sit2 kat konsert2 nnt.. when there is suppoters, baru la bright star tu. Finally, we must have UNIVERSAL minded, not just universal for the music only.. =)

2 Dos Santos finally Madridistas.. =D

Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro AND Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos Leite a.k.a Kaka' Has been OFFICIALLY announce as Real Madrid CF player!! Great News for the whole madrid fan!! hahaha. This is what im waitin for a whole year ago.. finally.. =D

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tribute To Our King Of Pop Legend..

Thursday, 25 June 2009 by the time 2.25 PM (LA,US) a.k.a Friday, 26 June 09 by the time 5.26 AM (KB, MY) ;
It was the time showing that our pop legend is dead .. all the die hard fans all over da world must accept that our legend is gone 4 ever. I'm sure that all fans including me, already knows MJ a.k.a King of Pop dies with still an unknown causes..

"You Mean it?! Well, I'm truly mean it! The Legend is dead men.. I'm truly muly mean it.." the word thats ive heard from my frenz after went to solat Jumaat. Well, today I'm very shocked with with the death of our King of Pop.. i love him very much, although i cant accept it, for the time being, we must.. So sad..

Hope we all can give tribute to Mikael..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Just Fallin In Lurve With..

this Guys.. a.k.a Melody Club!

Evinien n Hellos!

I dont know mom! n i dont know dad! and all the gurls and buddies.. im sorry if im feel guilty with u guys! what am i sayin'?! i just fallen in lurve! the best band i ever heard! waaaaahh.... so peace so feel like goin to dancin' dancin'! electricccccc! after almost many band that i've heard .. hundreds of them.. n i found this band becoz my cozen introduce it to me.. best ever!

If u feel like wanna dance, if u feel like wanna relax.. this is it.. the truly good song ever produced!
For me, it is just awesome man!

When You Feel loose, Ur Team Will Loose.. Whats the Point?

Holla Amigos!

Just almost 24 hours ago, we have seen Spain (which is my fav team) are beaten by Arch US Army , USA.. what the hell is goin' on?! So sick and tired watching that game! where's the wrong?! tactical or moral? it's been shocked that the world number one who is almost break the unbeaten record has been ended so easily by USA.. Spain 0-2 USA! but the magic is, 2 shots and to goals for USA! Spain? u can imagine, out of 10.. but there's no goal.. sob3.

wooaahh, I could not imagine la what am i feelin last nite.. feelin so down! torres and villa?? where are u? no finishing at all beb.. defend, what are u doin? casillas stop ball but still go into the net.. wut daaaa... aaaiissh! the conclusion is, there is no accurate finishing at all.. just look the possesion that conquered by the spaniards.. still have no goals.. n lastly, there's no luck maybe.. definitely maybe! haha.

USA win NOT becoz hey had more chances, more shots on goal or more possession than the Spaniards, but because they had a real sense of purpose and urgency, they had a real plan of attack, they stuck to it and it paid off... aaarrrgghh! it is the reason the won?! but totally they deserved the final ticket.. what ever it is, it is just a game.. the world number 1 i think is lack of an overconfident feelin'.. thats is why all that happen.. just watch Brazil N' South Africa 2nite! till den, adioss~

When ADIDAS was lost to TOKIO..

Today,aarrrgghh! after 2 days time, i just realized that my adidas Tokio Shoes was lost! whaat?!
thats miracle beb! i just love that shoes.. but i think it was being stole by whoever person that just loves that shoes too! theres no other shoes that can replaced "my love one" .. so much sentimental value with that shoes.. darling, please come back... no one can replaced you.. sob3.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tribute to lilyalina allentomen! =D

Evenin' in pajamas..!

well this my post tribute to sum1 which is my very2 best n crazy in town frenzz!

ms. L.A.A.O a.k.a (lilyalina allentomen)! yaaaah! wohooooo..

well sa bit' bout her, she some kind of weird person but most of all she very2 best! she gave me an encourage bout building up dis blog.. tq. (credit to you) haha.

O o! Kena tau jgn pakai aje!


haa.. bersua kembali! ari ni ari isnin kan! aku xda wat pape pun arini.. bru je lepas pegi bercamping.. haiyooo.. ni yg gua hairan ni, mase gua g camping mak ai.. mcmane aku leh pnjat bukit pakai boxer dgn selipar jepon aje? haha. pape pun itu rekod!

Okke lah, ari ni, aku nk bg petunjuk n nasihat skit kt korg2 yg belum mengetahui asal usul brand2 yg popular kt luar negara n tengah meletop di underground2 bundle kt malaysia ni.. xkira lah dr sabah hingga kelatey.. same je trend yg aku tgk!

Okke! aku ade berbual ngn sorg mamat nih, de punyer la bangge n ngn penuh confident cite kt aku bahawasanye brand jeans tersohor "levi strauss" tu "aslnye diasaskn oleh budak Israel yg design bodo2 pastu jual! patu lame2 penerimaan org tggi n tebentuk la levi's kan.." mmbe2 aku yg dgr pun sume jd sebe slh nk bli lg,sbb dgr Israel.. al maklumlah kne banned kan.. tmbah2 kt kelantan nih..

Menurut sumber yg boleh dipecayai la kan, asalnye, ade sorg pakcik ni name de Levi Strauss yg brasal dr Bavaria,German. N de ni imigrant la kt US.. patu bukak la company jeans ni, de jual jeans ni kpd community miners kt california. Mememule de design sluar ni dari kain layar yg warne perang yg dibuat dr hemp a.k.a ganja. haa.. pelik kn? jgn pelik sbb dorg ade kdai drug store sniri..

kt sblh ni la Levi Strauss, muke ala2 Israel ade aku tgk! hehehe. jgn risau! confirm x!

Patu ade sorg customer de Jacob Davis sorg tukg jahit dtg salu beli jeans kt de.. de xpuas ati sbb patent Levi buat, poket ssh n lmbat nk bukak. So, si Jacob Davis ni, de suke design sniri patent2 yg dibuat oleh Levi ni, de tmbah plak "rivet" kt pocket tu, tau x rivet tu ape? butang2 lebey kt poket2 tu.. Satu ari, si Jacob Davis ni de ade idea cmne nk tegangkn bhgian poket tu spya nmpk smat, jd de nk gune copper rivets, so de xde duit, last skali de mitak nk share company ngn Levi Strauss.. Lepas je Levi terima cdgn Jacob, dorg terus buat improvent kt pocket tu, jd la lebey cepat dan x bebelit2.. Dr ctu la asl nye TM butang kt poket tu! Design2 de smpi skrg di guna pakai lg, n dipratikkan oleh pewaris n penyambung company de nih.. n kesimbungan drpd itu, kua lah brand Dockers juga dr levi strauss & co.

Y ade butang lebey2 dkt poket jeans anda?
jgn pening2 Pk, tu hanya utk menegangkn poket ye!

Manakala brand Paul Smith plak asal nye drpd fashion designer UK yg beranak di Nottingham
yg skrg msh lg hidup! tp bygkan de punyer brand da meletop2 kt dunia ni.. Sir Paul Smith ni sbnrnye design clothing utk pakaian lelaki shj! ttp lepas pd itu, de pun design la tok laki n gurl.. knape org suke sgt brand
de? sbb design de smart simple n elegant! de punyer TM adelah kalerful belang2 n of cos la de punyer sign tu! kalo xde kt tagged xsah!

Jadi serba sedikit tentang origin asalnye brand nih, byk lg brand2 len yg tgh naek kt bundle2 underground skunk ni, spt LV,AX n of cos la the classic one, Adidas ape sume la.. kalo nk cite pjg plak jd nye.. psl price de xyah risau, kalo xde rm50 keatas, xyah beli la.. hehe. (bg bundle la.. ) So, kepada anda2 di luar sane yg da menceburi bidang dressing n kpd ank bru nk mendlmi, better kite tau origin de dulu bru sedap membeli, selesa memakai.. cube lebeykn mmbuat research terlebey dlu. renung2kn dan slmt beramal.. till then, adiooossss~

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Korg Perasan X?

Haa.. da lame aku tetanye2 psl nih, dgn org len dan diriku sniri..
ape yg aku nk ckp nih membabit kan dunia bundle n dak2 dressing vintage skunk nih..
aku stat memolow xtvt membundle n wear vintage cloth ni stat dr form 1 lg.. mse tu taun 2001.. mase tuh xde lg kdai2 bundle ni.. dorg jual longgok2 je.. mane jumpe amek je.. so, skunk nih, bundle2 sudah tumboh bak cendawan!

ape yg aku nk suh korg yg folowers2 yg berkecimpung vintage punyer dressing nih amek tau, kite spesific la kan.. band dressing contohnye. kalo tgk pade bdk2 zaman skunk, dorg xtau or knal n menhayati band2 itu sebelum membeli bju or other mechandise berkaitan dgn band2 dorg minat kan.. just amek pakai je.. pastu gempak sana cni.. mcm xde da nilai2 or aspect intelektual dlm berdressing vintage nih..

N stu lg yg aku pelik, knapekah org seperti "Bob Marley" , "Bob Dylan", "John Lennon", "Marilyn Monroe" n others personel west artist contohnye la kan di angkat2 n di sanjung2 dan bju2 n mechandise dorg dipakai oleh mungkin kebanyakkn oleh ank2 muda skrg?

Yg menjadi persoalan nye;
Kenape kah Seniman Agung P. Ramlee dan Seniwati Saloma malahan Datuk Sudirman tidak disanjung sebegitu rupa?

Sedangkn lagu2 yg dihasilkan oleh p.ramlee same je rentak dgn Bob Dylan.. aku pun masih tidak memahami situasi ini.. sdgkan aku mmg peminat either artist west n msia punyer.. xkisah la john lennon n p.ramlee, 2 2 type of 60's artist aku minat.. tp persoalan itu salu bermain di kepala ku..

setakat aku g survey manusia2 n bundle2 kt malaysia nih, xde lg aku ternmpak ade org pakai bju seniman2 n seniwati2 negara kita sendiri!
kalo ade yg pakai bju p.ramlee or sape2 je legend malaya, aku mmg tabik!

jd kepada peminat2 vintage, cube2 lah fikir2kn nya.. kerana aku pun slh seorang dr kamu semua.. =) peace no war!

Kenapa Dak Pompuan suke sgt letak Pic kt medium friend finder?

Halloooo! =D

Ya.. bertemu kembali kite dlm topik yg hangat masa kini! haha. topik ni dr dulu smpi skunk buat aku hairan nk PK n mls nk meMK! haiyooo..

sejak zaman berzaman ni, dunia makin maju.. jd byk la medium2 fren finder nih da tumbuh mcm kulat! frenster la, myspace la, facebook la, twitter la n plg yg aku nk focus dlm perbincagan ni medium TAGGED! kenape tagged?

haa.. mesti korg nk tau kan? mmg sesuai lah ngn topik dek atas tuh.. ramai nyer pompuan2 yg suke pic dorg byk dlm photo album mereka.. pose tuh mcm2 gaya la kan.. msti korg tau punyer..

Al-kisah nyer begini..
bru2 nih la kan n plg latest nih adela 2 3 org gurl nih bg message yg same kt aku!
"Lepas add, silelah komen2 gamba i yee.." mak aiii aku ckp,ape meluat nyer msg de..
Strait to the point la kan, mane x suh komen.. sbb tagged nih, maner2 manusia dr alam lain pun boley komen gmba sape2. haha. xmcm fs or facebook.. mcm2la perangai mamat2 yg lapa bg komen.. hahaha.

komen2 yg mcmni la dak pompuan lg nk letak pic de.. suke sgt la org puji2 nih, yg asal nyer pakai tudung, g freehair kan rambut, posing tuh bukan men la.. kalo xamek pic dr atas wat muke kiut tu xsah! hahaha. adeehh... lawak aku bace komen2 kt tagged nih..

papepun, msg2 ade de punyer personality msg2 kan.. we have to respect.. hehe.

ok thats all!

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

ari ni ahad adelah ari bape kepada smua bapa2 kt malaysia nih!

First of all, i would to wish happy father's day to my dad! thanks for care me, share with me, being my friend!

the most greatest dad i ever had.. thanks a lot!

so, to all father who had son in the world, happy fathers day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pengaruh Fashion Malaysia: dari budaya mana?

"Fashion".. sudah lama aku ingin discuss kan sal fashion ni atau lebey dikenali dgn gaya.. ini kerana aku pun slh seorang yg folow up trend2 dunia fashion ni.. xkisah la start drpd branding de, casualty, de punye matching color, band, exposed, movies theme, n so on la kan.. aku stat me"molow" i dunia gaya ni dr aku form 1 lg.. stat dr ctu aku knl ape itu fashion, kepetingan de.. how people's react on kite punye gaya kan.. what they like n not.. so sume2 bnda ni penting bile nk mengenali fashion2 ni.. dulu b4 knl, skul rndah salu la beli bju kiki lala n seangkatan dgnnye! tp aku respect gler la kt kiki lala ni.. So papepun, topic fashion ni adelah terlalu besa tok di bincang kan.. sbb itulah aku specific kn tajuk de.. sbb aku ingin berkongsi kekonfiusan aku psl dr mana wujudnye budaya fashion malaysia nih? adekah rakyat kite n remaja zaman sekarang ni suke meniru atau they r create their own fashion? haaaa.. msti korg nk tau kan! jom2 kite bincangkn..

cube try tgk fashion2 dunia..

japan fashion..


uk's fashion..

malaysian fashion?
kalo tgk pic ni ade x our malaysian adapt fashion2 negara len kt dlm fashion kite? okey,truly la kan.. kalo nk discuss sal fashion ni de byk type de.. kalo kite di malaysie ni kite berbilang kaum.. but secara rinkasnye, kbykkan teenagers kt malaysia zaman skunk ni lebey trpengaruh ngn fashion luar.. kite xde our own impression our own identity pd pndapat aku la.. mmg kite dipengaruhi oleh faktor persekitaran, tp ade gak mereka2 yg xbtol ngn persekitaran nih! cube la adapt fashion yg btol di tempat yg btol.. tgh panas pakai jaket, snow cap??? malaysia ni bro.. panas.. ade plak yg pegi high class pnyer place still pkai selipar jepun.. papepun, masih ramai mereka2 kt malaysia ni xda mentality ingin berubah.. tp kepada yg berani tonjolkn imej2 bru aku mmg respek.. aku pun xnk koment byk, just nk discuss skit2. kalo nk cite lg pnjg jd nye.. tp pape pun gua respect la rakyat malaysia skunk yg da pandai berfesyen..

jika kamu2 semua ade pendapat jgn la malu2 kongsi ye! graciaaaass~


Bola.. ape itu bola? adelah sejenis benda bulat, bujur , besa kecik berat ringan.. yg disepak2 di tendang2 di tanduk2! itu adelah definisi yg ringkas dan mudah difahami.. ape yg aku nk cite arini bkn psl ape itu bola.. ttp ape yg telah tejadi dlm dunia bola skunk nie! daku hairan laa.. pelik.. fenin.. sume ade!

okay straigt to point la.. aku nk discuss skit sal dunia transfer nih! tmbh2 da penhujung season kan.. n bg peminat2 bola yg gler tu, inilah saat2 yg best n xbest bg dorg.. hehe. jgn men2, bola ramai yg fanatik tau.. sggp buat ape saje! kite xpayah pegi jauh la.. kt malaysia negara sniri je..
haha. buat pe nk pegi smpi old trafford, santiago bernabue ke ape sume.. haha. tp yg nak dibincangkan skunk nih.. dunia transfer yg telah menjadi "gila" bg sesetegh pihak yg xdpt menerima ape yg telah dibuat oleh real madrid fc.

info sukan @payeh;
real madrid adelah stu2nya kelab yg berani membuat bidaan yg agak nonsense!
rekod menunjukkn 3 rekod dunia telah dpgg oleh dorg nih.. stat dr figo,zidane ,kaka n smpila bidaan c.ronaldo diterima oleh MU! logik x sume nih? anda mungkin pk xlogik.. kaka hampir2 pecah rekod iaitu $70Million bai.. c.ronaldo lak tibe2 $94millionss!! wow! kerajaan msia marah wat kua duit byk tu.. hahaha. bek cr project tender kt dubai wat duet kan! tp demi maruah dorg da buat.. pelaburan yg besar skali!
even president spain sniri da ankt kening kt dorg2 ni.. tp dorg ileks.. mega project lepas perez jd presidnt kelab ni, buat RM lg gler nk beli star2!

tp persoalan disini..
wajarkan dunia transfer bola diperlakukan sebegini?
akan trnkan kepopularitian EPL utamanya dan liga2 lain selain sepanyol?

aku peminat bola gak.. n of cos peminat real madrid setia, tp kdg2 aku rase xbalance plak dunia transfer skunk nih.. tkt nnt bola tu jd ilg seri die.. kalo kaka, da jd jantung ac milan da, kalo ronaldo, da jd drh MU da.. MU,kebanyakkan org tgk, sbb nk tgk ronaldo je.. lps nih kompem lengai kdai2.. da la EPL men time2 student bole tgk bola kan? hehehe. (aku da biase da..)

ape kate korg?

hahaha. pape pun.. byk2 kn la carik2 info ye n kongsi2 kan bersame! =)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

kelambatan membuat post!

Ari kamis 17 jun 2009

Dear payeh n everyone;

Sori la.. (berkate pada diri sendiri..) huhu. daku amat2 cbuk kebelakangan ini, xsempat nk wat post! pegi ctu pegi cni.. yg tekejut nye, ramai plak yg jatoh sakit yg eksiden cuti2 gni.. adoohh..
kite yg terlibat ni la kne g melawat dorg.. tp xpela demi mmbe2 kan.. kalo bkn kite sape lg..
xpelulah aku cerita pnjg sal mmbe2 nie.. sume org da tau.. skunk aku da nk stat memblog blk!

aku ni snanye mls type2 nih.. tu ade mmbe yg offer keje sbg typist kt umah pun aku mls even org nk byr 20 $ dolar sari.. hahaha. mau xbyk nyeee.. belambak.. haha. lg stu, aku stat memblog ni aku nmpk future yg baik sebagai seorang blogger ni.. kalo kite xinvolved seyes pun kite just wat part time je..

ape itu BLOG?? "blog ni snanye, medan kite mencurah kan idea dan cherita2 yg dipikrkan perlu utk diri sendiri dan org len.. "

kalo dlu kite gune diari kan.. haha. skunk da mju la.. selain itu,kalo korg nk tau ramai da yg buat duit ngn memblog saje nih.. haha. xjd, xpelik la blog2 menjadi stu tmpat utk buat side income.. tmpt student cm i ni! tp tu la.. 2 bnde je yg buat aku mls! aku mls type n aku ni ade idea tp xtau nk elobrate cane.. hahaha!

pape pun, stat dr arini.. aku nk get serius dgn blog ni.. lg 2 3 4 tahun mybe kite perlu blog utk everythin! sape tahu kan.. blog tok mmbe2, blog tok kite punye businezz pun! haha. pape pun aku salute mamat2 yg da pro blogger tu.. dorg nmpk future awal! bgus2! aku pun sedang mengorak lgkah ni! jd.. aku nsihat kan sume,slmat berblog! till then,adioossssss..~~