Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She's Flow By da Wind of dreams.. ah forgot it!

How can i say it buddies? it is a nightmare or a sweetness dream of all times.. its been eight years time have passed, suddenly it came to my dreams,.all the situation doesn't really true.. a grup of almost rich and wealthy fmly came meet me (of course, low standard fmly..) and brought the news that came to marry me? what? but really.... she is so sweet at that time... cant forget her.. aaarrghhh... long time nye story... eight years men.. gle ah aku berkorban kot; form 2,dengan otak2 kosong sehelai sepinggan n travel with my dad and menyemak time my dad tgh keje.. merempat di kota raya Kl semata2 utk stu pertemuan yg berkesudahan 5minit... rope mcm anak jalanan yg xknl ape itu mid valley mane pintu depan dan mane pangkalnye.. pertemuan sekali seumur hidup itu, aduuuhh.. pedih2.. tp wat the big impact she brought to me.. da la; the dreams just only to remind u.. she came only in dreams; but not in real life.. let the flow goes on.. someone had been cheered u up now! :)

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