Thursday, August 20, 2009

just left behind or being left behind?

Holaa gracias!
Thursday wut a wonderfull and fool day.. just didnt know wut happen and goin to happen.. really blurry becoz of da smoke from they aedes smoke shooter! hohoho. but it seems not aedes in my room.. that so weird.. mybe the mosquito rexpect me what.. haha. but really through u guys, since im child, if im goin to bush or go to my grandpa farm, the mosquito likes... "naaaah.. payeh je pun.. find another else.." so what?

dont know what to tell here, but its been 2 weeks got dis fever, flu... what soever guys, i just left many works behind man.. other peoples just move faster n faster.. thats why i hate when come to this fever.. trok bebenor kalo kne.. huhuhu.
tetbe perasaan nk marah menjelma! "aarrghh.. asl bising sgt mamat mesin rumput ney! " xmemsl2 kne marah.. nk berkarya pun xle.. adeehh..

da pkol 3, igt nk wat keje.. but u know la kan ble thp kemalasan gle2.. its been like want to hanging around n just sit down n run from this noise!

bulan pose da dkt, adeehhh.. da la dpt pose sari je kt umah... then blk next holiday pun dpt pose sari gak, esk then raye! apekehei.. xpat nk men mecooon!

jap ape yg aku merapu n merepek ney? snanye nye.. just want to say that today is very boring day... all people around me cam down! wut happen? H1n1? huhuhuhu.

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